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How To Secure Sponsors Successfully for Beginners

  • How To Secure Sponsors Successfully for Beginners

How To Secure Sponsors Successfully is a book that teaches how to secure sponsors to get funding for movies, shows, seminars, metaverses, walks, runs, teams, games, tours, launches, tournaments, fairs, expos and all types of events.

A sponsor can provide hard cash and in-kind resources, such as audiovisual services or catering. But, naturally, you have to offer them something in return. Launching an event can be a costly endeavor: you are likely to find that your own budget is lacking the necessary resources. In such case to secure sponsors might be the only way to ensure its full success.

Helps you get rid of common misconceptions about event sponsorship, boost your confidence and lets sponsors know that you know your stuff.
* Get Rid Of These 7 Misconceptions
* About Event Sponsorship
* How Sponsors Save Money On Events
* How Sponsors Increase Event Profit

Lets you speak the sponsorship language which is key for opening the door to having conversation with sponsors.
* Sponsorship Terms To Know
* Common Benefits Sponsors Look For
* Finding The Value Of A Benefit
* Targeting The Right Sponsors
* Where To Find Sponsors
* When To Contact Sponsors

Helps you write a clear and concise sponsorship proposal and fill out online sponsorship submission forms when sponsors send you to their websites.
* Create The Sponsorship Fee
* Sponsorship Proposal Categories
* What To Include In Your Sponsorship Proposal
* Example Sponsorship Proposal
* After You Close

QUIZ to reinforce learning with answer page
SPONSOR CONTACT SHEET to place sponsor's info to have at your fingertips

Hardcover Page: 62 Language: English

How To Secure Sponsors Successfully teaches how to secure sponsors easily and the process can be repeated time and time again.